India cracking down on foreign-funded charities
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India cracking down on foreign-funded charities

NEW DELHI (AP) — India is cracking down on foreign-funded charities after receiving an internal report alleging they are costing the country up to 3 percent of its GDP by rallying communities against polluting industries.

The Investigative Bureau’s report also accuses groups including Greenpeace, Action Aid and Amnesty International of providing reports “used to build a record against India and serve as tools for the strategic foreign policy interests of Western Governments.”

A copy of the leaked report was obtained by the Associated Press. The Home Ministry would neither confirm nor deny its existence.

But spokesman K.S. Dhatwalia said Thursday the ministry has instructed the Reserve Bank of India to hold all foreign contributions to India-based charities until they are cleared by the ministry.

Organizations named in the report called the allegations ludicrous.