Conditions for release of Thai political detainees
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Conditions for release of Thai political detainees

Not sure of the exact number, but it seems close to 300 people have had the military junta summon them to appear, with the number increasing on a daily basis. This includes journalists, protest leaders, politicians, lawyers, academics and others. So far as long as they appear they will be released within seven days, but there are conditions for their release.

The Bangkok Post:

The NCPO also said in its 39th announcement issued on Monday night that individuals who had been freed from detention have to strictly follow the conditions set  for their release, otherwise they would be liable to a year behind bars and/or a fine of 40,000 baht.

The three conditions for release are no political movement and no violation of the NCPO’s orders; no travel overseas without permission; and they must  insist they were not hurt while under detention.

BP: Prawit of The Nation was one of those who was detained and has since been released. He spoke to Lisa Gardner who wrote it up for Asian Correspondent. It concludes:

Although Pravit’s ordeal ended more than two days ago, he is still not entirely free of the junta.

“I could write a short book about the whole thing,” he said. “But there’s a tragic note, something very disturbing. Less than 26 hours after my being released, I received a phone call from someone who identified himself as a corporal… He asked if I could stop tweeting. That the junta needed time, free from criticism.

I already signed a few things, forcibly agreeing not to lead a protest, not to aid the protestors, or not to take part in political meetings. I tried to placate him, saying that if I don’t tweet people will conclude that it’s the junta and there would be a backlash that won’t be helpful (for them). I said I wouldn’t rock the boat very roughly but I would go on criticizing the junta – just as some Thai newspapers are, at least in a gentle, scolding way. He said okay, we’ll see… A few minutes later, another corporal called me – one from the camp… He said to save his number in my phone. He was asked to give all my details to Central Command and that some would be monitoring me and following me. “

Pravit Rojanaphruk was scheduled to speak at Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Thailand in Bangkok tomorrow. The event has since been cancelled.

BP: Hearing Pravit speak would have made for an interesting evening. In accordance with the temporary new blog policy, “no comment” on the regulations…