US Secretary of State: No justification for the military coup
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US Secretary of State: No justification for the military coup

US State Department have released a statement by John Kerry (US Secretary of State) entitled “Coup in Thailand”. Key excerpts:

I am disappointed by the decision of the Thai military to suspend the constitution and take control of the government after a long period of political turmoil, and there is no justification for this military coup. I am concerned by reports that senior political leaders of Thailand’s major parties have been detained and call for their release. I am also concerned that media outlets have been shut down. I urge the restoration of civilian government immediately, a return to democracy, and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, such as press freedoms. The path forward for Thailand must include early elections that reflect the will of the people.

While we value our long friendship with the Thai people, this act will have negative implications for the U.S.–Thai relationship, especially for our relationship with the Thai military. We are reviewing our military and other assistance and engagements, consistent with U.S. law.

BP: Unlike in Egypt, the US government has called it a coup. For a diplomatic statement from the US regarding Thailand, this is fairly strong wording.

French President was first out of the blocks though. First Post:

“The president condemns the seizure of power by the army in Thailand,” a statement by Hollande’s office said. Hollande called for “an immediate return to the constitutional order and for a vote to be organised” as well as the need “for the fundamental rights and freedoms of the Thai people to be respected.”

BP: You can see RFI for wording in French.

The UK Foreign Secretary:

After months of instability that have seen increased violence on the streets of Bangkok, there is still no government in Thailand and the military has taken control through the instigation of a coup.

The Foreign Secretary said:

I am extremely concerned by today’s coup. The UK urges the restoration of a civilian government that has been democratically elected, serves the interests of its people and fulfils its human rights obligations. We look therefore to the authorities to set out a quick clear timetable for elections to help re-establish the democratic framework of governance. There should never be recourse to violence: only by openly discussing the full range of issues can Thailand move forward and reach a more stable position.

We are monitoring the situation on the ground very carefully. British nationals in Thailand or thinking of travelling to Thailand should monitor the FCO’s travel advice, which will be continually updated as events develop.

BP: Not as strong as the US though….