Two Thai reporters summoned for asking “aggressive” questions of Army Chief
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Two Thai reporters summoned for asking “aggressive” questions of Army Chief

The Nation:

Army secretary Maj Gen Polphat Wannaphak Tuesday summoned two reporters to warn them not to try to corner National Council for Peace and Order Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha with questions in press conferences.

Polphat summoned Suparirk Thongchairit of Thai Rath and Wassana Nanuam of Bangkok Post to meet him at the Army headquarters at 2 pm.

Polphat informed the two of message from Prayuth, saying the NCPO chief felt uneasy about the two raising questions in a way to try to corner him during the press conference on Monday.

“Prayuth asked me to tell you that he is not only the Army chief but he is also the lead of the country’s administration for both executive and legislative affairs. So, when you ask questions that will be made public, please think about the questions carefully as it’s not time to answer those questions yet,” Polphat told the two reporters.

Khao Sod:

In a press conference yesterday, Mr. Supparerk and Ms. Wassana asked Gen. Prayuth whether he planned to appoint himself as the new Prime Minister, and when he expects a new election to be held.

Gen. Prayuth refused to answer either question.

“Do you want to be Prime Minister? Do you?” Gen. Prayuth taunted Mr. Supparerk in response.

“I do! I do!” the Thai Rath reporter shouted back, provoking laughter from other journalists.

Today, army secretary Lt.Gen. Pollapot called Mr. Supparerk and Ms. Wassana’s behavior unacceptable.

Now it is not the time for [Gen. Prayuth] to answer these questions, especially about the appointment of new Prime Minister,” Lt. Gen. Pollapot said. “Furthermore, asking questions in such an aggressive manner is not appropriate. Therefore, we ask for their cooperation not to do that again in the future.”

The army secretary added that Gen. Prayuth has expressed concern that “aggressive” questions from the media may affect the public’s confidence in his ability to lead the country.

BP: Well just review the above questions and see if you view they are mild or tough.. How does one know when it it the time to ask some questions?