Thai Public Health Ministry: Follow state-run media to avoid mental stress
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Thai Public Health Ministry: Follow state-run media to avoid mental stress


Wachira Phengchan, deputy permanent secretary of the Ministry of Public Health, on Friday cautioned those who constantly follow up on political developments against stress. According to him, continuous exposure to such news could cause mental stress, and people at risk of such stress are advised to follow only the news from state-run news outlets in the morning and evening.

BP: Perhaps it is just BP, but watching too much state-run media gives BP mental stress. If it should only be consumed in the morning and evening, does this mean state-run media is a new form of medication to be taken twice daily?

Reuters on the state-run media that the Public Health Ministry recommends we watch:

The various channels air synchronised broadcasts that explain the putsch, showing prominent supporters of the ousted government smiling and seemingly well treated in detention.

The military is using television to maintain and show its control but I can’t see it staying like this for too long. It’s too rigid and will have to change,” said a professor at a Bangkok university, who asked to remain nameless as the junta had summoned some academics after they spoke to journalists.*

Media professionals aren’t used to this and won’t allow it to continue indefinitely. I know they’re not happy at all.

Thai PBS channel aired a 30-minute talk show on Tuesday about the former government’s ruinous policy and how the junta had made it a priority to secure funds to pay farmers. It repeated the programme the following day.

That message of military benevolence has been reinforced with looped footage on morning news of farmers emerging from banks counting fistfuls of notes and others sporting “We love the army” stickers, holding placards thanking the new government for paying up.

BPBP feels a duty to substantiate some of the above. Re: the placards:

BP:  Don’t the placards look nice? Perhaps those farmers are in the wrong profession and should consider moving into advertising as those placards look really professional. They could teach the anti-coup protesters, who the junta have stated are paid protesters, a thing or two about placards….

P.S. Please remember we are in a post-coup environment….

* One can certainly notice that some commentators who are in Thailand appear to not be commenting on Thai politics. BP does not think it is a coincidence.