Twitter reactions to Prayuth’s address on roadmap of reform before elections
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Twitter reactions to Prayuth’s address on roadmap of reform before elections

UPDATE: See below

Prayuth just went live on TV for around 30-40 minutes. This post is BP and others’ tweets of what Prayuth said.

a. Introduction

Prayuth : We have to strictly enforce the curfew at the beginning to separate perpetrators of crimes (incl drugs) from others [BP: Drugs?]

— bangkokpundit (@bangkokpundit) May 30, 2014

BP: He wasn’t just talking about political violence and benefit of the curfew, but general law enforcement and crimes and specifically mentioned drugs.

Prayuth : If the situation improves, the curfew situation will be relaxed. — bangkokpundit (@bangkokpundit) May 30, 2014

BP: Mentioned about relaxing in tourist areas….

Prayuth : It is necessary to request people to “report” for a “cooling-off” period [they used quotation marks in the translation] — bangkokpundit (@bangkokpundit) May 30, 2014

BP: Complete defence. Saying it was for a maximum of 7 days as allowed under marital law.

Prayuth: Differences can be discussed in order to find agreeable solutions, move the country forward, and restore happiness to the people. — bangkokpundit (@bangkokpundit) May 30, 2014 

Prayuth : The restriction on gatherings of more than 5 persons and restrictions on media is necessary — bangkokpundit (@bangkokpundit) May 30, 2014

Prayuth : So called “academics” were interviewed with unbalanced and they provided incomplete facts. (quotation marks in original) — bangkokpundit (@bangkokpundit) May 30, 2014

BP: A few direct criticism of academics. Nitirat?

NCPO doesn’t treat government official unfairly but those who were transferred were involved in abusing power as part of the fight: Prayuth.

— Aim_The Nation (@Aim_NT) May 30, 2014

BP: No comment as criticism of the junta is illegal.

Prayuth : We will not overspend the national budget. We have began to pay 92 billion Baht to rice farmers

— bangkokpundit (@bangkokpundit) May 30, 2014

Prayuth : The 2 trillion infrastructure and 350 billion anti-flooding measures will be studied carefully

— bangkokpundit (@bangkokpundit) May 30, 2014

BP: Mentioned could just consider separate parts of the programs.

Prayuth is setting out a very broad agenda for what the junta will do. Doesn’t give impression of short-term interim government.

— bangkokpundit (@bangkokpundit) May 30, 2014

BP: The above was a comment by BP. b. Roadmap

1. Phase 1 of roadmap will involve efforts to achieve national reconciliation ASAP and take about 2-3 months — bangkokpundit (@bangkokpundit) May 30, 2014

2. Aside from security operations, reconciliation centers will be established to pave the way for reforms in the second phase. — bangkokpundit (@bangkokpundit) May 30, 2014

3. A reform committee will be set up to pave the way for a confrontation-free second phase. There will be no amnesty or financial payments. — bangkokpundit (@bangkokpundit) May 30, 2014

4. Phase 2: There will be a temporary constitution which will be draw up by legal experts. A national assembly will be set up to choose a PM — bangkokpundit (@bangkokpundit) May 30, 2014

BP: No mention on how the national assembly will be chosen. They will have a lot of power… A long-time to wait for a PM – unlike less than 2 weeks – like in 1991 and 2006.

5. And appoint Cabinet Ministers and to rewrite the Constitution. It should take around one year, but it will depend on the situation. — bangkokpundit (@bangkokpundit) May 30, 2014

BP: Phase 1 is 2-3 months; Phase 2 about 1 year. Hence, understand the total projection, depending on how it goes, we are looking at 14-15 months.

6. Phase 3: General election under a democractic sys that is acceptable to all sides. Laws will be changed so we can have just & good leader — bangkokpundit (@bangkokpundit) May 30, 2014

BP: So further restrictions on how can be PM?

[UDPATE: Per Fuller of the NYT

End of UDPATE]

7. Everything will not succeed under there is peace and security. I think all Thais are like me that no happiness for 9 years. — bangkokpundit (@bangkokpundit) May 30, 2014

8. Now, there is peace since May 20 and 22. NCPO does not want power for its own benefits. — bangkokpundit (@bangkokpundit) May 30, 2014

9. If government officials and military does not do do anything, who will do? We acted because the country was not able to move forward

— bangkokpundit (@bangkokpundit) May 30, 2014

10. When a full democracy cannot move forward and there is conflict, when ppl do not trust the gov etc

— bangkokpundit (@bangkokpundit) May 30, 2014

11. We understand the concerns of our international friends, but please give us time to mend the Thai democratic system to be international

— bangkokpundit (@bangkokpundit) May 30, 2014

12. We believe people will chose our Kingdom before a flawed democratic system.

— bangkokpundit (@bangkokpundit) May 30, 2014

BP: Re: 12, will they?

Don’t recall any mention of corruption by Prayuth….

UPDATE: See screenshot of the subtitles of Prayuth’s address

Thomas Fuller of the NYT:

Nirmal Ghosh of the Straits Times:

BP: Jonah of the BBC:

Panu of Channel News Asia:

And fellow blogger, Kaewmala:

BP: Yes. We will wait to see how the National Assembly will be chosen. Also, from professional groups? Maybe, that will be too much of an election and a little too unpredictable.