NYT op-ed: A Reckless Coup in Thailand
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NYT op-ed: A Reckless Coup in Thailand

Sam Zarifi, who is the Bangkok-based regional director for Asia and the Pacific of the International Commission of Jurists, has an op-ed in the New York Times entitled “A Reckless Coup in Thailand”. Key excerpts:

The Thai military removed all doubt about its intentions in declaring martial law earlier this week, and on Thursday officially announced that it was taking control of the government, the 12th time it has done so since 1932.

The newly created Peace and Order Maintaining Command, composed of the commander in chief of the army and the commanders of the Royal Thai Navy, air force and police, announced that it had suspended the Constitution — except for articles related to the monarchy, the activity of the courts, and some “independent” administrative agencies. The military said that it was acting to protect the peace and resolve the long political impasse that had brought mostly peaceful protests and counterprotests to Bangkok. It arrested the leaders of different political factions even as they were engaged in negotiations.

BP: Wonder what or who specifically (some say Prawit) convinced Prayuth to stage the coup. From the information, we know now, he (or they?) surely can’t think things will be as smooth as 2006….