NYT Editorial : Sliding Toward Autocracy in Thailand
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NYT Editorial : Sliding Toward Autocracy in Thailand

The New York Times has an editorial titled “Sliding Toward Autocracy in Thailand.” Key excerpt:

After taking power in a coup last week, Thailand’s top army general said the military would establish a “genuine democracy” in the country. But in practice, the military is operating an increasingly authoritarian government intent on silencing all forms of dissent or disobedience.

By taking these heavy-handed actions, the military risks escalating conflict and weakening the struggling Thai economy. That is the last thing the country needs given that it has just been through six months of public protests by anti- and pro-government groups that are divided by region and class. If Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha, the army chief, wants to lead the country out of its political crisis, as he claims, he should provide a plan for a return to civilian rule, including setting a date for an election.

BP: Prayuth is to go on TV tonight (9pm Thailand time) to explain the reasons for the coup and also to provide a roadmap for restoring happiness to the Thai people (คืนความสุขให้คนไทย) so perhaps we will have some more details tonight.