NYT editorial: A Coup by Another Name in Thailand
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NYT editorial: A Coup by Another Name in Thailand

NYT editorial entitled “A Coup by Another Name in Thailand”. Excerpts below:

A decision by Thailand’s highest court to remove Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra from office is almost sure to send the country deeper into crisis. Pro- and anti-government groups are already massing for more protests that will further divide the polarized country and further disrupt an already weak economy.

In a decision that smacked of bias, the Constitutional Court ruled on Wednesday that Ms. Shinawatra and several other ministers could no longer serve in their positions because, it said, the prime minister had abused her power when she reassigned a government official in 2011 and gave his job to a relative. Ms. Shinawatra was replaced by an acting prime minister who is one of her former deputies. It was the third time the justices have removed the head of the government in recent years using dubious legal reasoning; in 2008, the court removed the prime minister, who also belonged to Ms. Shinawatra’s political movement, because he accepted payments to appear on a TV cooking show.

But more protests will not solve anything. What the country needs now is compromise and reconciliation. In the past, the country’s king, who is 86 and ailing, or its army often stepped in to resolve political conflicts. Now, neither appears able or willing to do that. That makes it all the more important for both sides to come to their senses.

BP: This is after the WSJ editorial. None of them are buying this deluded checks-and-balances argument.

btw, the NSC head’s job didn’t go to a Shinawatra relative, it was the Police Chief’s position who went to a “relative” (although since the Thaksin-Potjaman divorce, it is complicated to call the person a relative)