NEW: MA Buddhist Studies at SOAS
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NEW: MA Buddhist Studies at SOAS

At SOAS University of London it is possible to study a wider range of religious traditions and in more depth than in any other programme in the field, anywhere in the world.

Recently added to this extensive range of courses in the Department of the Study of Religions is a new MA Buddhist Studies.  The programme will appeal to anyone wishing to broaden their knowledge of Buddhism and Buddhist traditions as a whole, and will offer unique opportunities to those intending to embark on further research or fieldwork among Buddhist communities.  Building on the strength of four specialists covering India, Tibet, China and Japan, the MA Buddhist Studies at SOAS is set to establish itself as the premier postgraduate curriculum on Buddhism in the UK.

The course introduces students to a stimulating journey into key notions and methods in the study of Buddhism; allows individual study into a wide range of areas of specialised knowledge on Buddhist doctrine, history and practice; offers an accordingly rich choice of modules, such as Buddhism in Tibet, Chinese Religious Texts, East Asian Traditions of Meditation, Religious Practice in Japan, History and Doctrines of Indian Buddhism, and The Buddhist Conquest of Central Asia; and includes the opportunity to study a language.

The Library at SOAS holds the most comprehensive collection of books on Buddhist Asia within university libraries in the UK, and the neighbouring British Library and British Museum, both located in historic Bloomsbury, house unique resources and unparalleled treasure-troves of Buddhist artefacts.

The study and preservation of Buddhist art will also benefit from a recent endowment by Alphawood Foundation to SOAS.  The greater part of the Alphawood donation is to fund an ambitious academic programme that seeks to build on SOAS’ world-leading research expertise and existing institutional links in the Southeast Asia region.

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