Beijing adds armed police patrols after attacks
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Beijing adds armed police patrols after attacks

BEIJING (AP) — China’s capital is boosting armed police patrols following a spate of attacks the government blames on terrorists seeking independence for the northwestern region of Xinjiang.

Beijing’s police force said Monday on its microblog that 150 additional vehicles were being assigned to guard key intersections around the city of more than 20 million people. It said the measure was taken to increase the public’s sense of security, intimidate would-be assailants, and to shorten response times to violent incidents.

China has increased security countrywide in the wake of two deadly attacks at train stations blamed on extremists from among Xinjiang’s native Turkic Muslim Uighur ethnic group.

The violence includes an unprecedented attack on Tiananmen Gate in the heart of Beijing that killed three Uighur assailants and two tourists.