BA English at SOAS challenges the traditional approach to the study of language and literature
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BA English at SOAS challenges the traditional approach to the study of language and literature


English is a global language.  It is used as a first, second and foreign language by close to one billion people around the world.  Its global reach has made it one of the most successful means of international communication in history.  Global English has also created a rich tapestry of literatures in English and given rise to many different varieties of English, from pidgin to creole.

A new BA English degree at SOAS, University of London takes a pioneering approach to the subject by bringing the concept of ‘Global English’ to the forefront and examining English language and its literatures from a worldwide perspective.

The degree is designed to study literature in English and in translation to reflect on the relationship between writing in English and in Asian and African languages, and to gain an understanding of cultural, social, linguistic and cognitive aspects of English language used in a global context.

The programme raises fascinating questions, such as: How has English become a world language?  How many ‘World Englishes’ are there?  Can English literature remain a history of representative English writers, examined monolingually?


Students will ––

• study the history of English and its spread around the world

• analyse how English has been shaped and adapted by different cultures

• learn how Shakespeare’s plays have influenced the world

• study literatures in English from around the globe


Students will also reap all the benefits of a high-quality BA English degree taught with a global dimension in a university at the forefront of international and multicultural studies, located in the heart of literary Bloomsbury.


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