World Music Summer School
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World Music Summer School

Now in its twelfth year, the Department of Music at SOAS is pleased to announce the programme of courses for its World Music Summer School 2014.

Classes run from 16 June until 8 July, and feature a range of worldwide musical traditions, which is unique, varied and truly multicultural.  If you are passionate about music and cultures, there is something for everyone: intensive and inspiring courses, practical workshops, taster sessions and master classes for students of all backgrounds, beginners to advanced, amateur and professional.

There is the opportunity to learn the 21 stringed Mandinka kora from Senegal; join in with some classic Cuban styles with a Big Band Ensemble; learn dances from the Ga people of Ghana; hear Russian folk songs from the Steppes; study Indian tabla drums; learn the amazing Mongolian singing style of Khöömii; discover Middle Eastern rhythms on the Darbuka; discover the secrets of the Brazilian Pandeiro with Adriano Adewale; study the Zimbabwean mbira, a thumb piano used by the Shona people; sample Klezmer music; or play the Balinese gamelan.

The Department of Music at SOAS is the largest and leading centre in Europe for the study of World Music, offering a range of taught masters degrees including MA Arts of Asia and Africa; MA Global Creative and Cultural Industries; MA Music in Development; MMus Ethnomusicology; and MMus Performance.  It is also possible to take an undergraduate degree in BA Music, plus SOAS has recently launched an exciting new BA in Global Popular Music, offering opportunities to study topics as varied as K-Pop to Hip-Hop, and Latin to Rai.