The so-called ‘crazy’ and ‘ridiculous’ scenario
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The so-called ‘crazy’ and ‘ridiculous’ scenario

In December 2008, the Constitutional Court dissolved the pro-Thaksin PPP. Abhisit and Korn then met with the US Ambassador Eric G. John. Below is an excerpt from 08BANGKOK3529_a:*

1. (C) The Constitutional Court on December 2 issued a ruling that dissolved the People’s Power Party and two other coalition parties, stripping the Prime Minister and other party executive board members of their political rights and offices. Deputy PM Chavarat Charnvirakul now serves as acting PM until a new coalition and Cabinet form. In the run-up to the ruling, opposition Democrat Party Leader Abhisit Vejjajiva told the Ambassador he saw no easy way out of Thailand’s predicament.

5. (C) Abhisit appeared frustrated, despairing that he saw no easy way out of the current stalemate. Abhisit said he had long favored Army Commander Anupong Paojinda’s recent suggestion that Prime Minister Somchai should dissolve the House of Representatives (ref B), although Anupong ought to have suggested this privately rather than publicly. Abhisit acknowledged that some PPP figures expressed concern that royalists would take advantage of House dissolution to impede new elections and impose rule by an ad hoc council (a contingency not provided for by the Constitution), but he dismissed this scenario as “crazy,” “rubbish,” and “ridiculous.” (Comment: We are not as quick to dismiss this prospect; a leading Privy Councilor told the Ambassador that he and other senior royalists hoped to bring about rule by such a council — ref D. End Comment.)

BP: So this scenario was crazy, rubbish, and ridiculous then? The royalists through their proxy Suthep impeded the recent election and are wanting to impose an ad hoc council to be voted in by the Senate (there is no provision for this in the Constitution and will take some legal gymnastics to get there)….

*Found the cable while looking for something else and too amusing not to post…