The reason why the Thai establishment likes Appointed Senators
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The reason why the Thai establishment likes Appointed Senators

The Bangkok Post:

Appointed senator Somchai Sawaengkarn said the voting patterns of appointed senators show that 60 of the 73 appointed senators are in the anti-government camp.

The remaining 13 are believed to be aligned with the government, Mr Somchai said.

BP: The 1997 Constitution provided for a fully-elected Senate, but the Establishment could not control this so after the 2006 coup, the 2007 Constitution reverted to form and we got a mixed system of 77 Elected Senators and 73 Appointed Senators. The Appointed Senators are appointed by 7 “good people”, namely President of the Constitutional Court, the Chairperson of the Election Commission, the President of the Ombudsmen, the Chairperson of the National Anti-Corruption Commission, the Chairperson of the State Audit Commission, and a judge of the Supreme Court (per Section 113 of the Constitution). Having 73 Appointed Senators was done so the Establishment could maintain some control and as you have seen by Somchai’s comments with 60 out of the 73 Appointed Senators being in the anti-government camp, they have managed to do this. It is also why the Establishment doesn’t want this balance changed and thus the Court decision last year finding returning to a fully-elected Senate unconstitutional even if a fully-elected Senate is the wish of the majority of the people.

btw, how can one interpret the political allegiances of the judiciary and the independent agencies when over 80% of the Senators they appoint are anti-government…