Sri Lanka bans global Tamil political groups
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Sri Lanka bans global Tamil political groups

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) — Sri Lanka has banned the government-in-exile of ethnic minority Tamils and several other global Tamil political groups, accusing them of committing and supporting terrorism and freezing their assets.

All of the groups that were banned support an independent state for Sri Lanka’s ethnic Tamils.

The government said in a statement Wednesday that External Affairs Minister G.L. Peiris had signed an order banning the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam and 15 other groups operating in the U.S., Canada, Australia, the U.K. and Norway. The organizations were banned under U.N. Security Council Resolution 1373, which sets out strategies to combat terrorism and control terrorist financing.

The statement said all of the groups’ assets will be frozen until they are taken off a designated list.