Philippines: Pacquiao ally, 6 others face murder charges
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Philippines: Pacquiao ally, 6 others face murder charges

Suspect Reganit was allegedly part of Manny Pacquiao’s entourage to the US where the Sarangani representative won his rematch against Timothy Bradley.

GENERAL SANTOS CITY (April 17) – Murder and multiple frustrated murder charges were filed last week against a Sarangani provincial board member for the ambush and slaying of Maitum Mayor George McPerson ‘Mac’ Perrett in late February.

Charged was Alexander Bryan Reganit of Maitum town. 

Reganit is a provincial board member and an ally of Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao.

In her complaint before the Sarangani provincial prosecution office Elsie Perrett said Reganit, along at least 7 others, plotted to murder her husband and successfully did so in an ambush on the evening of February 28.

Also named in her complaint were Ismael Dimaudtang, barangay chair of Kiayap also in Maitum, Mohalidin Pinto, Mike Kamid, Bashir Sanday, Suharto Abubakar, one alias Uno Dimaudtang and a certain Amir.

The murder and multiple murder complaint also included several John Does.

The late Mayor Perrett was driving home after delivering a message at the municipal gym when he was waylaid by undetermined number of men armed with M-16 and M-14 rifles and .45 caliber pistols.

Although wounded in the thigh, Mayor Perrett was able to drive his black Fortuner to a police checkpoint where he was given first aid.

He was rushed to the hospital in General Santos City but died of cardiac arrest due to severe loss of blood

Wounded in the ambush were Elsie Perrett and a household helper of the couple.

Elsie Perrett, also a former mayor of Maitum, said there were 7 people inside the victim’s SUV, including the slain mayor when the ambush happened.

Elsie said several witnesses have executed affidavits identifying Reganit and the rest of the suspects.

One of them is Surato Abubakar, alias Kits, who claimed Reganit paid him P30,000 (US$675) a day after the ambush.

In his extra-judicial confession, Abubakar said he acted as lookout and was just about 20 meters away from the ambush site.

Abubakar claimed he was contacted by Mohalidin Pinto to look for hired gunmen to stage the ambush reportedly on the orders of Reganit.

Abubakar claimed he contacted Bashir Sanday and a certain Amir who are both from Cotabato City.

Abubakar said he met Reganit a day after the ambush.

He told investigators that Reganit allegedly said, “O, naa na ang imong bahin (Hey, here is your share)” inside the house of Mohalidin Pinto in Barangay Kiayap on March 1. Abubakar said Reganit hurriedly left after handing him P30,000 wrapped in a bond paper.

Reganit cannot be reached as he is still in the US.

Reganit joined Pacquiao’s entourage when the congressman fought Timothy Bradley in Las Vegas.

Pacquiao is slated to arrive from the US on Friday.

Both the provincial board member and the Perretts are political allies of Pacquiao.

Reganit is son of former Maitum town mayor Felix Reganit who was himself gunned down in Tondo in 2008.

Felix Reganit, then vice mayor, succeeded Maitum Mayor George Yabes after the latter was killed in broad daylight by a lone gunman while accompanying visitors at the public market in November 2006.

The former mayor lost to Elsie Perrett in the 2007 elections. She served for two terms before giving way to her husband.

Elsie Perrett is half American, like her husband Mac, whose father is a Thomasite who arrived in the then undivided Kiamba town in 1918.  Walter K. Perrett, a banker, was executed by the Japanese occupational army during World War II in Kiamba.

Mac, 75, opted to become a Filipino citizen even though he has no Filipino blood.  His mother was from Thailand.