Oxford Brookes robot pays a visit to the BBC
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Oxford Brookes robot pays a visit to the BBC

On Monday 10 March the Department of Computing and Communication Technologies at Oxford Brookes University’s humanoid robot Artie paid a visit to BBC shows BBC Breakfast and Newsround

Whilst on the show BBC breakfast Artie performed pre-programmed responses to questions asked by the presenters. The Head of Department Nigel Crook talked about research being conducted by the Department as well as the direction of human-robot interaction research. Whilst on the show Nigel commented that “The research that we’re doing at Oxford Brookes University is in studying how we can improve and extend human robot interaction so that somebody could stand in front of him and ask that question and not get a pre-programmed answer. That the robot would be able to understand what was said and respond intelligently.”

Following a visit on BBC breakfast Nigel Crook stopped by Newsround, a programme aimed at children and teenagers. Nigel spoke with Newsround presenter Ayshah about new advances in robotics research as well as the current limitations of robots.

Artie joined the Department in autumn 2013 to be part of the new Intelligent Systems Engineering Research Centre and new laboratory where researchers at Oxford Brookes University work to tackle some of the biggest issues in the field of robotics.

Following his BBC debut Artie has been asked to appear on various other BBC radio and TV shows – more details in due course!