New BA in Global Popular Music
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New BA in Global Popular Music

The new BA in Global Popular Music, launched at SOAS University of London, offers a unique programme that allows students to focus on popular and contemporary music styles and cultures in global perspective.

The degree includes generic courses, which develop students’ understanding of theoretical approaches to the study of popular music; practical skills courses in multimedia; regional courses that build on the expertise of SOAS in the Middle East, Asia and Africa and their diasporas; and opportunities for directed independent study projects.

SOAS has a worldwide reputation as a centre of ethnomusicology and an extra curricular music scene, which includes a diverse range of musical styles, including Cuban Big Band, African kora, Chinese silk-and-bamboo ensemble, Okinawan Eisa dance, and Indonesian gamelan.

The BA in Global Popular Music leads into a number of exciting career and vocational pathways, including arts management; festival administration; music journalism; radio, television and print media research; music therapy, performing and composing; plus a wide range of careers working within the music industry.

The Music Department at SOAS is the most exciting place in Europe to learn about the great musical traditions from around the world. (Toumani Diabaté, Malian kora player)


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