HK bankers add voice to calls for democracy
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HK bankers add voice to calls for democracy

HONG KONG (AP) — A group of Hong Kong finance industry professionals are pledging to join an Occupy-style movement as a way to express their worries about Beijing’s growing influence, which they say is undermining the Asian financial hub’s economy.

The bankers, traders, stockbrokers and others who make up Hong Kong’s financial-worker class are notoriously apolitical.

But the group led by hedge fund manager Edward Chin, which currently numbers about 70 people, added their voices to wider calls for full democracy in an open letter to China’s President Xi Jinping published this week in several newspapers.

The group, worried Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy is being eroded, urged China to stop interfering in the city’s administrative affairs.

They said Hong Kong’s “existing political system has become the stumbling block” to long-term economic growth.