Filipinos protest China’s blocking of supply boat
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Filipinos protest China’s blocking of supply boat

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Dozens of Filipino left-wing activists have protested at China’s consulate in Manila to protest the blocking by Chinese coast guard ships of a Philippine supply boat near a disputed shoal in the South China Sea.

About 60 members of the Akbayan group carried a mock tape measure during Wednesday’s protest, yelling “China do you know how to measure?”

A Chinese coast guard ship dangerously crossed the bow of a Philippine government supply boat Saturday en route to the Second Thomas Shoal, where the Philippines has a ship outpost. Despite Chinese radio warnings for it to leave, the Philippine boat sneaked past the blockade and fulfilled its mission.

Protest leader Barry Gutierrez says China should measure the limits of its territory correctly and not bully its way into other countries’ territories.