Chinese mistress’s ‘confession’ kicks off Internet furor
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Chinese mistress’s ‘confession’ kicks off Internet furor

Likely spoof escapes censorship, points to outrage over corrupt officials, writes Asia Sentinel’s Rose Tang

The following purported court statement from an alleged mistress of a former Chinese Communist Party official went viral over the weekend on the Chinese Internet, especially blogs on the biggest Chinese website,, and various online forums. The unnamed woman lashes out at dirty officials:

“Corrupt officials are more horrible and more shameless in buying sex than prostitutes who sell sex. My former customers are the judges who are trying me!”

Several overseas Chinese news outlets say the report first appeared in Outlook Weekly, a magazine owned by the official Xinhua News Agency, although none of the news reports have verified the woman’s identity. Her supposed lover’s name Wei Junzi is similar to the word “hypocrite.” There are plenty of reasons to be skeptical. If indeed the woman had delivered such an outburst in court, she probably would have been dragged out before her words could have been heard.

But even if the case isn’t real, the very fact that such damning words about party officials are still on the Chinese Internet after two days without being deleted or blocked is quite telling, and it probably indicates that someone in officialdom wants to see the charges circulate, perhaps as an example.

The woman was reportedly standing trial in Jilin Province on fraud charges. Her statement, translated from the Chinese, is below:

Your Honor : Many thanks to the court for giving me a chance to give my last statement. As a prostitute, I’m feeling shameful for standing in such a solemn court. I have been selling my body for five long years. I have been a Second Tits [Chinese euphemism for mistress] or even Third or Fourth Tits.

But it’s never been my will to be a prostitute. I have been forced by life to walk on this path that brings my family and myself great shame.

My grandmother is over 80 years old, my younger brother is still very young. My grandma needs a lot of caring and my brother needs to go to school. But my parents and I have been working our guts out year in year out, but our harvests of a whole year can’t even pay off the taxes of the county and required submission for the village. If we don’t submit our harvest on time, village cadres come straight to our house to grab grains, our livestock and even chickens.

I came to the city to work as a nanny, but I ended up being raped by my employer and had nowhere to report the case. So I let myself become a fallen woman since then. Let me ask you, a defenseless woman from a peasant family, what else can I sell if not my youth?

Corrupt official Wei Junzi once came down with a cold and he received 500,000 yuan of ‘greeting money,’ he rearranged the leadership of the county government. Then he earned five million yuan in selling some official positions.

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