An amazing start to your year at Nottingham Business School
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An amazing start to your year at Nottingham Business School


Here at Nottingham Business School we like to fully prepare our postgraduate students for the year ahead by offering them a memorable induction.  

Your time with us will begin with a comprehensive development programme that will help you prepare for your studies and develop key academic and transferable skills. A key feature is a short residential team-building course, which normally takes place in the Peak District. You will also have opportunities to meet members of the teaching team and other postgraduate students, receive detailed programme information and gain valuable support and guidance from the library, careers service, international office and Student Support Services.

Take a look at our image gallery which features photos from previous trips.

Leela Maruthi Sakamuri, a student from India studying MSc Management and International Business, gives this account of her residential course and induction…

“My experience of the residential course in the Peak District is simply WONDERFUL. When I heard of this residential course for the first time from my course leaders, I literally was nervous and also a bit curious to know what it exactly includes. But, in the course, I enjoyed each and every day to the core. On day 1, we were sorted into teams and all my team members were really supportive and friendly, all through the course. On the same day, we had various group activities, which made me learn the way we can support and coordinate in a team and also to trust every member of a team and all that made us succeed in all our group activities. I also enjoyed the quiz held on that same day.

On day 2, we were assigned a real challenging group task, that’s called Orienteering. This helped me or in fact taught me the importance of time, as this task is more in managing the time. Because in this task there was a huge penalty of points for every 1 minute late to the target time. In this task, though we could not really score well, we could really managed the time so well and did not fall into any time penalty. While the later session’s tasks taught me the value of being creative and also the sharing of ideas within the team that ultimately made us succeed in those tasks as well.

I haven’t done a trip like this before, in this trip I have got to know that I am brave enough to do any given task with a proper guidance, problem solving and Critical thinking”.