Activity at NKorea site hints at nuke test preps
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Activity at NKorea site hints at nuke test preps

WASHINGTON (AP) — A U.S. research institute says commercial satellite imagery shows increased activity at North Korea’s nuclear test site but not enough to indicate an underground atomic explosion is imminent.

North Korea recently threatened to conduct its fourth nuclear test and there’s been speculation it may do so as President Barack Obama travels to Asia this week.

U.S.-Korea Institute said recent images, the latest taken Saturday, appear to show movement of crates and possibly lumber near tunnel entrances at the Punggye-ri (PUNG-gare-ree) site. But it says more movements of vehicles and equipment were detected in the weeks before previous detonations.

South Korea’s Defense Ministry said Tuesday it has detected increased activities at Punggye-ri.

It is notoriously difficult to divine North Korea’s intentions, particularly on nuclear tests as the crucial activity happens underground.