Suranand at the FCCT tonight
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Suranand at the FCCT tonight

Tonight at 7pm at the FCCT. Below is the blurb:

Where Next for PM Yingluck?

An Evening With Suranand Vejjajiva

7pm, Wednesday March 19, 2014

(Please see pricing and reservation procedure below)

Please join us at the FCCT for an evening with the man who is arguably closer to PM Yingluck Shinawatra than anyone else aside from her famous brother.

Suranand Vejjajiva is the PM’s Secretary-General, a position sometimes described as a ‘mini-Prime Minister’. It is a job that combines the roles of personal assistant, spokesman and political advisor. He will be giving us unique insights into how PM Yingluck has navigated her way through the crisis of the past five months, and what her next steps might be.

K. Suranand is perhaps most famous for being a cousin of Abhisit Vejjajiva – perhaps the best-known example of a family split by Thailand’s politics. His links to Thaksin go back to the early 1990s when they were both involved with the Palang Dharma movement, and he served as a spokesman in the PM’s office during the 2 Thaksin administrations from 2001-2006. After the 2006 coup he was among the 111 Thai Rak Thai members banned from politics for 5 years.

He then broke away from Thaksin, helping form first the so-called ‘Bangkok 50’ group of former TRT politicians, then allying himself with the Ruam Jai Thai party of former TRT Finance Minister Somkid Jatusripitak for the 2008 election.

But the election of Yingluck Shinawatra in July 2011 saw K. Suranand move back into the Thaksin camp, and overcome the hostility of several factions in Pheua Thai to become the PM’s right-hand man.

Pricing Details:

Members: No cover charge, buffet dinner is 350 baht

Cover charge for non-members: 350 Baht, Buffet dinner: 350 Baht, for members and non-members alike.

Reservations: To ensure sufficient food for the buffet, we would greatly appreciate your making a buffet reservation at least one day before the program if you plan to join us for the dinner. (No penalty for cancellation if last minute conflicts arise.) Please also note that tables/seats will be reserved only for those with advance buffet bookings. To reserve, please call 02-652-0580-1 or click here to send an e-mail to .

BP: Suranand has spoken at the FCCT before, but back then it was when he was a columnist for the Bangkok Post. Now, he is part of the government. Hopefully, he will give some views on what he thinks will happen to the Yingluck government. Interesting times are still ahead.