In pictures: Up close and personal with the cutest, hairiest and scariest beasts in the Asia-Pacific
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In pictures: Up close and personal with the cutest, hairiest and scariest beasts in the Asia-Pacific

WHILE Asia isn’t like the wilds of Africa with wildebeests, mass migrations and vast national parks there are an array of incredible animals that are unique to this part of the world that can be found in various contexts in the wild or domesticated. From China to Mongolia, India, Nepal and Malaysia, here are some of Asia’s different animals in pictures.

Monks in the Bhumtang valley pat dogs at their monastery, Bhutan. Pic: Joanne Lane,



The Asiatic Lion exists as a single, isolated sub species in Gujurat, India. Pic: Joanne Lane,


Man’s best friend goes everywhere in China. This couple were taking their dog for a hike, up Fan Jing Shan in Guizhou – a mountain of 2572m. Most people stay overnight on the mountain then trek back down. Pic: Joanne Lane,


Workers at school in north India use Langur monkeys to keep pesky rhesus monkeys at bay, Uttarakhand, India. Pic: Joanne Lane,


Enormous termite mounds in the Northern Territory, Australia. Pic: Joanne Lane,


How long is your nose? The Probiscus monkey is also known as the long-nosed monkey and resides in Borneo, Malaysia. The nose can reach up to 10cm in length. Pic: Joanne Lane,


Asian elephants can be found all over Asia. This one in Chitwan, Nepal was being taken to browse in the forest. Pic: Joanne Lane,



Pork is an integral part of the diet in Papua New Guinea. This one received a bath in one of the stilt villages over the water in the Central Province. Pic: Joanne Lane,



The scaly back of a crocodile at the Wyndham crocodile farm, Western Australia. Pic: Joanne Lane,


There are about 500 one-horned rhino in Chitwan National Park, Nepal. The species came very close to extinction in the 1970s but conservation efforts have again increased their number. Pic: Joanne Lane,


The two humped Bactrian camel of Mongolia. Pic: Joanne Lane,


Snake charmers perform for passersby in Rajasthan, India. Pic: Joanne Lane,


Donkeys are used to cart supplies in the remote himalaya, Nepal. Pic: Joanne Lane,


A boy with sheep in the bustling animal market of Xinjiang, China.


The fleshy features of a male Orangutan in Borneo, Malaysia. Pic: Joanne Lane,




The exotic wild ass of the Little Rann of Kutch, Gujurat, an endangered sub species. Pic: Joanne Lane,

All images by Joanne Lane,

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