Holi celebrated at SOAS
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Holi celebrated at SOAS

SOAS Hindu Society having been celebrating the festival Holi, transforming the campus and surrounding Bloomsbury squares into a riot of vibrant colour.

Holi is a spring festival, marking the end of winter.  It is also known as the festival of colours, and is an ancient Hindu celebration, which has become increasingly popular with non-Hindus around the world.  Typical celebrations start with a Holika bonfire where people assemble to sing and dance, followed by a noisy free-for-all where celebrants joke, laugh, play music and chase, colouring each other with dry powder paints and coloured water, in displays of fun and colourful exhuberance.

The brilliant colours of Holi have been one of the inspirations behind SOAS’ recent student recruitment and marketing campaign.  The strongly visual campaign highlights several aspects of the personality of SOAS, united by the phrase “Meet the World at SOAS.”  The campaign aims to reflect many of the factors, which are key to applicants when deciding to apply to SOAS: reputation; course content; the unique nature of the SOAS community; research and teaching; the opportunities for language learning; and the international networks that SOAS offers to its students.

A vibrant image of Holi adorns the cover of the current Undergraduate Prospectus, which has just been published.  Copies of the prospectus are now available for download.