Bangladesh probe seeks ban of Islamic party
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Bangladesh probe seeks ban of Islamic party

DHAKA, Bangladesh (AP) — Bangladesh investigators probing crimes during the country’s 1971 independence war against Pakistan have recommended that the largest Islamic party be banned for alleged involvement in genocide and other offenses.

The investigators submitted a detailed report Tuesday to the chief government prosecutor accusing the opposition Jamaat-e-Islami party of crimes against humanity.

Chief investigator Abdul Hannan Khan said there is evidence the party formed several citizens’ brigades and auxiliary forces to help Pakistan’s army eliminate people fighting for independence.

Bangladesh says at least 3 million of its citizens were killed and 200,000 women were raped during the nine-month war against Pakistan in 1971.

Several top leaders of the party have already been tried and convicted of war crimes, and a senior leader has been executed.

No immediate reaction was available from Jamaat-e-Islami.