Amanda Stretton meets Formula Student team at Oxford Brookes University
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Amanda Stretton meets Formula Student team at Oxford Brookes University

Amanda Stretton stopped by to meet Formula Student members whilst on location at Oxford Brookes filming for the BBC.

Amanda is a world-renowned race car driver who has raced in everything from Motocross to Le Mans and is the first and only British female driver to have won an international long distance GT race. Off the track Amanda is also an automotive journalist who has presented countless programmes on G3, Goodwood, Le Mans and many others.

The BBC programme This Week visited the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences Automotive Laboratory on the Wheatley campus to film Amanda discussing sexism in the industry. The piece was as a part of This Week’s segment on what it is like for women to work in a male-dominated industry in light of the allegations against Liberal Democrat MP Mike Hancock. In the segment Amanda commented that when she first started out in motor racing. “They were so unused to female drivers that there was nowhere for me to ever get changed apart from the back of a truck” however she did note that. “… fortunately the world of motorsport has changed and there are more and more women coming through” and that. “What makes motor-racing almost unique as a sport is that once you get out onto the track men and women compete against one another on a level playing field.”

Before the filming began Amanda dropped in on the Formula Student members to see the car they are building for Formula Student 2014 where she discussed with them the car and the upcoming competition. All of this came shortly after Formula Student found out that have been awarded a place in Class 1 of the 2014 competition. Entry to the competition is not automatic and is highly competitive with teams having to compete in a time on-line test as well as having a substantive “track record”.

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