5 unmissable Hong Kong attractions
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5 unmissable Hong Kong attractions

Hong Kong is one of the most exciting cities in the world, with no shortage of unique culture, attractions and sights to see. For many visitors, the newness of Hong Kong and all it has to offer will astonish in itself. It is unlike any other city in the world, and its exoticism, from food to culture and new surroundings, are inviting and make it a popular holiday choice for those looking for something extraordinary.

Although it’s not the cheapest city in Asiay, getting there won’t break the bank. Affordable flights to Hong Kong are easy to find and book through the websites of reputable travel companies. You are bound to feel a little lost and intimidated by the bright, fast-moving city on your first visit, and it can be initially overwhelming to know where to start. Here are some of the top Hong Kong attractions that you shouldn’t miss to get you started.

Victoria Peak (The Peak)

The highest point in Hong Kong, Victoria Peak, also known simply as The Peak, is a mountain located in Hong Kong Island that came out top in the National Geographic’s lit of Hong Kong Must-Dos. With glorious green surroundings and absolutely unbeatable panoramic views of the city and its skycrapers, The Peak is a must-visit. Frequented by tourists and locals alike, it is considered one of Hong Kong’s finest gems, with an estimated 7 million people enjoying the views each year. For wildlife enthusiasts, it also home to some rare species of birds and butterflies that you can look out for on a special Peak nature walk, and any foodies out there who fancy a totally unique dining experience will love its numerous eateries and restaurants which also benefit from the view.


Hong Kong Disneyland. Pic: AP.

Hong Kong Disneyland

A favourite for families but also very popular amongst young adults, Hong Kong’s Disneyland has to be seen to be believed. A magical world that differs greatly from the Western versions of Disney that we are all familiar with, it is somewhere everyone should go once in their lifetimes and mixes Chinese culture with the world of Disney.

Po Lin Monastery

Po Lin is a Buddhist Monastery in Lantau Island with a rich history and charming interior that will please visitors of any religious, or non-religious, persuasion. Founded by three Jiangsu monks in 1906, the monastery still stands today and though much of the activity has diminished, it is nonetheless flourishing and has become something of a religious monument. Enjoy a peaceful breather from the loud busy city and don’t leave without one of the famous Po Lin wooden bracelets, available near the iconic bronze statue of the Tian Tan Buddha, which is in itself another of Hong Kong’s top attractions.

Temple Street Night Market

A busy and rather hectic flea market that is a great way to experience some local culture and pick up some interesting souvenirs. This night market on Temple Street has all kinds of things for sale and is a good place to grab a cheap bite and taste some authentic Chinese street food, too.

Ocean Park

A world famous theme park that goes down a treat with kids and adults alike, Ocean Park is an enormous attraction in Southern Hong Kong that has something for everyone, with a marine mammal park, oceanarium, animal theme park and amusement park all in one place. The aquarium is like no other and contains various Chinese species of fish and wildlife that you will have likely never heard of, let alone ever seen before, making it a fascinating and educational visit. There are also dolphins, rides, theatre shows, sports games and all manner of other things to keep you entertained. Make sure you dedicate at least a day to fit as much in as possible.

Any trip to Hong Kong will be one to truly remember, and just exploring all the vibrant city has to offer and absorbing the lifestyles of its inhabitants and workers is an experience in itself, but it is worth trying to get as many of these in to your itinerary too. Plan your days to get as much out the visit as possible.