Thailand: Who is really disseminating hate speech?
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Thailand: Who is really disseminating hate speech?

The Nation with the headline Yingluck slammed for disseminating “hate speech”

Caretaker PM Yingluck Shinawatra’s televised statement on Tuesday, in which she blamed protesters as being at the core of the controversial rice-pledging problems, has caused a misunderstanding, stigmatised and slandered others, said a member of the Academic Institute of Public Media.

“Yingluck is the real disseminator of hate speech, as she made the protesters out as the villains for causing the national crisis and rice farmers’ problems while branding the government as good,” Time Chuastapanasiri told Isara News Agency online.

Her speech distorted the facts, told lies and slandered others by changing the responsibility for the mistakes on others. She also made herself a target by implying that the protesters are the enemy of farmers, the country and democracy and the elected government, he said.

BP: Yingluck was defiant in the speech and at times tone deaf. She incorrectly blamed all the problems on the protests without accepting any responsibility from the government side when the reality is that the government deserves a significant amount of the blame, but was it hate speech? Seriously? You want an example of something divisive and hateful, Suthep on Friday:

“In the future your child maybe an orphan and he will be cursed…  then ai Nong Pipe, your child, will have no one else to look after for sure. His father may dispute it and not be daring enough to look after him because he won’t know whose child it is” (“วันข้างหน้าลูกคุณเป็นกำพร้าบ้างแล้วมันจะสาปแช่งคุณ ……. ไอ้น้องไปป์ลูกคุณไม่มีคนเลี้ยงแน่นอนเผลอ ๆ พ่อมันก็เกี่ยงไม่กล้าเลี้ยงเพราะไม่รู้ว่าลูกพ่อคนไหน”

BP: Suthep only suggests there is doubt over the paternity of Yingluck’s child as if it to suggest Yingluck was sleeping around so it is not known who the father is. This is not some slip of the tongue, but then again this is not the first time Suthep has talked about Yingluck’s child on stage and it is unlikely to be the last time. Not a word of criticism in either the Bangkok Post or The Nation (yet) either…