McDonald’s to open first Vietnam restaurant this weekend
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McDonald’s to open first Vietnam restaurant this weekend

After years of waiting, the residents of Ho Chi Minh city will be able to enjoy Big Macs, Chicken McNuggets and other McDonald’s favourites when the fast food chain opens its first restaurant in Vietnam Saturday.

The new branch will have 350 seats and Bloomberg reports that McDonald’s local partner Good Day Hospitality is aiming to have 100 restaurants open in the country within a decade. Interestingly, Good Day Hospitality’s owner is Henry Nguyen, son-in-law of Vietnam Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung.

While a significant step – this is the first time it has entered a new Southeast Asian country in two decades – McDonald’s has its work cut out in Vietnam. Direct rival Burger King already has 29 restaurants there after entering the country in 2011, while chains like Popeyes, Dominos and Subway are also trying their luck there.

Bloomberg reports:

There are about 400 McDonald’s in the Philippines, 260 in Malaysia, 195 in Thailand, and 150 in Indonesia, said Linda Ming, a Singapore-based communications director for the company. Vietnam is the first Southeast Asian market since the company opened its restaurant in Brunei in 1992, she said.