Flappy Bird creator clips hit game’s wings
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Flappy Bird creator clips hit game’s wings

The creator of hit mobile game Flappy Bird has removed it from the App Store and Google Play saying it had ruined his life.

The game which was uploaded in 2013 but only surged to the top in downloads earlier this year was removed early Monday.

Creator Nguyen Ha Dong, 29, from Hanoi, wrote on Twitter on Saturday that the Internet sensation caused by the game “ruins my simple life” and he now hated it.

Dong’s move comes amid claims he was using tricks to artificially increase downloads, but the develepor insists that he isn’t taking it down for legal reasons.

In a separate tweet he added that he is still making games.

Vietnamese media reported that the game made $50,000 a day in advertising revenue. Speculation is rife as to why Nguyen is giving up this windfall, with theories ranging from copyright infringement lawsuits to it being a publicity stunt to ultimately increase downloads.

– Associated Press, with additional reporting by Asian Correspondent staff