EC figures show turn-out at 47.72% in the Thai election
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EC figures show turn-out at 47.72% in the Thai election

This is an update to this post. Since then the EC issued new figures yesterday. Multiple papers – BP has also obtained independently – have the latest EC figures. See Naew Na and Matichon.

BP: As you can see a doubling of the spoilt/invalid votes and significant increase of “vote no”, although not at 2006 levels. It is hard to say precisely what % of either is anti-Puea Thai vote although I don’t think you can count all of it, particularly for spoilt votes as there is always around 5% who spoil their ballots at an election. The additional 7% you can argue that many were anti-Puea Thai. Similarly with “vote no” as there was no campaign like in 2006 to vote against the government by “vote no” although BP views at least 2.5-3 million are anti-Puea Thai votes.

See below – the estimate for PT is that of BP (the % in far right column is % of votes cast for parties that went for Puea Thai)


BP: The number of spoilt and vote no in the Northeast is quite low comparatively. This is more a reflection of how unpopular the Democrats are. Where Puea Thai have likely bled support is in the Central Region.

NOTE: If anyone has the LATEST EC release on February 6 complete break-down for each province – as in like this for 26 provinces – please send by e-mail or @bangkokpundit on twitter.