What embarrassing secrets about Thaksin is Matichon hiding?
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What embarrassing secrets about Thaksin is Matichon hiding?

So tonight on the PRDC stage Somkiat Onwimon, a well-known media commentator, spoke. He was speaking about a book written about Thaksin as summarized by the PDRC themselves (quote in Thai in an interview with Isra News confirms the bolded part below):

Today I would like to discuss a book called “Conversations with Thaksin,” which reports a series of 4 dialogues (each lasting for 2 hours) between American writer and academic Tom Plate and Thaksin Shinawatra. It was first published in Singapore in 2010, but is not currently available in Thailand. Matichon publishing holds the publishing rights to the translated version of this book but has not translated and published it for sale, although it has done so for other books in the series, such as Conversations with Lee Kuan Yew / Dr. Mahathir Mohammad / Ban Ki-moon. Therefore, today I’ll do an oral translation of this book for this audience and our masses for free.

BP: So Matichon (which is as pro-government as The Nation Group is anti-government, with the Matichon group strongly disliked in PDRC and Democrat circles) has the rights to the book, but hasn’t translated it and sold it? What hidden embarrassing secrets are they hiding? Why did they refuse to translate and sell the book? The problem is that Somkiat’s entire premise is that Matichon did not translate the book and sell it. However, they did. Below is the cover of widely-sold book:*

BP: Even 2 minutes on Google would have told him Matichon published it. It is listed as a best-seller on the Matichon Website and was published in March 2012. It is also sold at all major booksellers Kino, Se-edChula books, B2S, and Naiin. It was well-promoted by Matichon at the time – see here and video with translator (who is Suranand!) – and even raised by the opposition to criticize the government and Thaksin.

Yes, it is not a major issue, but the entire premise of his speech is that Matichon didn’t translate the book and he is about to provide to protesters new information about Thaksin. It is surprising that a well-known speaker on media issues who obviously spent a lot of time in translating and researching the book was unaware that the book had been published and translated. He either didn’t bother to look for it, or did and ignored it.*

*re-worded these paragraphs