Suthep claims Cambodians killed protester, stirs up xenophobic sentiments
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Suthep claims Cambodians killed protester, stirs up xenophobic sentiments

Previously, it was ASTV and speakers on the PDRC protest stage.  Now, Suthep is front and center:


Protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban said Cambodian gunmen might be involved in the murder of the fourth anti-government protester in Bang-na area yesterday.

Suthin Tarathin, a staunch, leading protester, was shot dead and five others injured as they blockaded the advance election at the polling booth at Wat Sri-eam. It was believed that they were shot by gunmen from the rooftop of nearby buildings.

Mr Suthep, secretary general of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC), told demonstrators at the Pathumwan rally site that he suspected the gunmen may have been hired from the Cambodian Special Warfare Unit.

If not, they could be Thai gunmen who were paid to attack the protesters, he said, describing caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, and her elder brother, former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra as extremely cruel.

Then last night on the stage as tweeted by a Thai journalist:

Suthep: Suthin interrogated that by himself so they sent people to get rid of him.

— Lerla (@Lerlaforever) January 27, 2014

Also, Suthep in an interview with the Bangkok Post makes other claims:

How does the PDRC expect the Yingluck government to respond?

The government will fight to its last. Pol Lt Col Thaksin will not compromise but will fight until the last minute. I learn that Pol Lt Col Thaksin wants a civil war. They take action and make challenges every day to provoke the military to stage a coup but we do not want one. I was informed that Pol Lt Col Thaksin will arrive in Cambodia in a few days to give direct commands.

Is the PDRC concerned about any possible violence?

We are seriously worried about violent attacks by foreign armed men. I coped with them in 2010. Soldiers’ posts were attacked. We know they are professionals. However, I am glad the military are alert. Those who are patriots will not let any party use armed foreign forces to kill Thai people.

BP: This stirring up of xenophobic sentiment will just make it easier to attack people because they are not Thai, but Suthep’s statements and many others on the PDRC stage there are likely to be consequences for others:

BP: Suthep is really ramping up the rhetoric…