Pacquiao Watch: For Floyd, it is a money thing
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Pacquiao Watch: For Floyd, it is a money thing

That sure is a long time coming.  But sorry, very bad timing.

Good media copy but it is sloppy.

It sure will give his fans a toothy grin.  But Floyd Mayweather Jr won’t come rushing in.

The challenge to take part in the only fight that only matters this side of the century – for charity – is a big practical joke. 

A PR thing, nothing more.

Had that challenge been thrown right after Pacquiao gave the bigger and taller Antonio Margarito the worst beating in his life, Floyd would have been swept away into the dustbin of boxing’s ‘Hall of Shame’.

Given Floyd’s obsession with money – after all he changed his moniker from ‘Pretty Boy’ to ‘Moneyman’ – there is no way you can accuse him of running away from the fight precisely because it is for charity.

Floyd will never do it.  Floyd will all the more laugh his way out of it.

Instead of giving him the incentive that matters most at this stage of his career, you are taking away his raison d’ etre by daring him to a charity fight. 

For Floyd, it is a money thing. Take that away from him and you shut the door on the fight.

It is not so much the fear of losing to Pacquiao that Floyd hates most.  It is the fear of losing his ability to earn easy money by picking up easy opponents that is preventing him from accepting a Pacquiao duel.

Floyd knows only Pacquiao has the gift and skill set for potentially erasing the “0” in his fight record.  He probably can deal with that the moment he accepts a fight with Pacquiao for a kingly ransom.  But at this stage of his career and money-wise, he is not in a hurry and probably does not care. 

Floyd’s last fight – against Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez – was an easy US$80 million workout for him.  He will probably get purses around that vicinity fighting the likes of Marcos Maidana and Amir Khan.

Fighting Pacquiao will probably earn him US$150 million.  But that also could probably mean buying a one way ticket to retirement.

The thought of losing his market value with a defeat to Pacquiao is the one giving Floyd sleepless nights.

That is why that fight will never happen unless Floyd is set to retire.

That is why fight fans can only hope it will happen next year, when Floyd says he will retire.  But then again, who really believes Floyd is retiring next year and will fight Pacquiao for a final curtain call?  (Didn’t he retire twice already?)

Will Floyd give Pacquiao the opportunity to have the last dance with him? 

Probably, but definitely not for charity.

That is why the Pacquiao challenge is all hot air designed to confuse boxing fans into further believing Floyd is scared of probably the greatest athlete the Philippines has ever produced.

Of course Floyd Mayweather Jr is scared of Manny Pacquiao.  But these are for different reasons.

And charity is not one of them.