Thai Democrat MPs announce plan to resign en masse from parliament UPDATE
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Thai Democrat MPs announce plan to resign en masse from parliament UPDATE

UDPATE: See Bangkok Post story below:

Tomorrow is the new deadline for the final showdown and it seems Democrat MPs will be joining en masse (or at least most of them) with today’s announcement, after a party meeting and vote, that they are resigning en masse as MPs:

Democrat MP for Bangkok, Dr Sansern:

BP: Translation: Decision to resign as MPs en masse because [we] refuse the Thaksinocracy parliament which has lost legitimacy and we have fully undertaken the duties of the opposition.

Long-time Democrat MP Theptai

 BP: Translation: Yippee! All the Democrat MPs have resigned….. So proud of the decision today [by the party] to resign as MPs.

Deputy Leader and MP, Apirak

BP: Translation: Democrat Party decision today was unanimous for all MPs to resign.

BP: In what most be the photo of the day, Democrat MP Boonyod jumps up for joy.

Tomorrow is building to be a big day not only for the government, but also the Democrats…. About a good time as any to link to Time’s article “Thailand’s Democrat Party Is Hilariously Misnamed”… Would they boycott an election if there was a dissolution?

The Bangkok Post:

The opposition Democrat Party on Sunday resolved that all of its MPs would resign en masse to highlight that the government no longer had legitimacy.

It was reported that a total of 108 MPs attended the meeting and voted on the resolution.

Important figures who did not attend the meeting asthey were committed to other engagements included the party’s chief adviser Chuan Leekpai, deputy party leaders Korn Chatikavanij and Alongkorn Ponlaboot.

BP: So interesting that those 3 didn’t attend. Not sure about Chuan, but Korn and Alongkorn’s absence could be seen as a tacit disapproval of this option. Will they follow the party decision and resign?