Getting into Business School: Essay tips from those who read them
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Getting into Business School: Essay tips from those who read them

MBA admissions teams at business schools like Rutgers Business School use admissions essays to learn more about the real you: the person behind that GPA, GMAT score, and resume. Writing an impressive, impactful essay is an important way to distinguish yourself in the admissions process.

Here are some tips for writing a good business school admissions essay from the people who read them:

 Use spell check: your essay is an example of your analytical writing skills and we take it seriously. Every essay is read carefully. Also, remember: your essay is a way for the Admissions Committee to get to know you.  If you have an option, pick the topic that showcases yourself best.”

– Rita Galen, Assistant Dean & Director of MBA and Graduate Admissions at Rutgers Business School

Make it personal – sometimes it is difficult to get a feel for the applicant without meeting him/her – the essay is a great opportunity for the admissions staff to get a better feel for the kind of person you are. Treat it like a paper – use proper grammar and spelling and show us that you paid attention in those high school English classes (and please read it over before submitting it). Finally, keep it short and sweet – we give the 2-page parameter for a reason. If I am reviewing hundreds of essays, my interest can wane quickly if I am constantly coming across essays that are over the page requirement.”

– Stephan Kolodiy, Admissions Officer at Rutgers Business School

First and foremost: Stick to the topic at hand.  Yes you need to provide some background but no need to meander off topic. Secondly, be concise. Finally, use the spell check option provided by MS Word.  Make good use of the grammatical suggestions. Have a different set of eyes review your essay prior to uploading it and submitting the final draft.”

– Al Turner, Assistant Director of MBA and Graduate Admissions

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