Politically-partisan TV channels gain popularity in Thailand : An Update
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Politically-partisan TV channels gain popularity in Thailand : An Update

In the previous post, BP noted the rise in viewership of politically-partisan TV channels with the Democrat-aligned* Blue Sky and the Red Shirt/Puea Thai-aligned Asia Update* both in the top 10 (actually Blue Sky is listed twice and both times in the top 10 although behind Asia Update). For the last 24 hours, you have the below:

NOTE: This is the rating for those who access TV through PSI – it is not the entire country and PSI uses a real-time TV ratings via the PSI platform with a sample size of 1,200 viewers nationwide”, but at least it is very useful as a comparison over time.

BP: As you can see Asia Update is up to 3rd (its other channel is 16th); Blue Sky is 5th (its other listing is 8th). Then you have the pro-Dem T News in 20th and pro-Puea Thai 4 Channel and pro-red Voice TV** in 22nd and 23rd respectively.

*Aligned for both doesn’t really describe it correctly, they are basically mouthpieces for the Democrats and Reds respectively, and those who don’t tow the line are removed…

** In previous post, BP stated:

Actually, the comparison between Fox News and MSNBC and the more partisan TV channels is not really apt. The politically partisan TV channels in Thailand are significantly more partisan than mainstream cable channels in the US. Fox News Sunday has interviewed Obama, although not frequently. Blue Sky or Asia Update don’t interview the key political figures of the other side. To give you an idea on how partisan Fox News would have to be to match the channels in Thailand, they would never interview Obama, or any senior members of the administration, or Democrats in the House or senate. Every time they would want to refer to his name, they would call him the “Kenyan socialist who hates America”. This is not to defend the partisan nature of cable news in the US, but the more partisan TV channels in Thailand are on a completely different level. It is closer to talk radio.

BP: In fairness to Voice TV, they have had the Democrat Secretary-General on for long interview before, former Democrat Party leaders on for long interviews, and during the Amnesty Bill they had Piyabutr from Nitirat (who were anti-Amnesty Bill) as guest host of their morning news program twice and Worajet from Nitirat on for an hour interview.  All the morning show hosts were strongly critical of the Amnesty Bill and none were removed which is in direct contrast to Asia Update.