PAD have a new hero and his name is… Suthep
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PAD have a new hero and his name is… Suthep

This week’s ASTV Manager Weekly cover:

BP: So you have the photo of Suthep with the words “บัวพ้นน้ำ” (means a lotus which is now smart) whereas Chuan and Abhisit are on tortoises indicating that they are slow to see the light and to become smart to the PAD way of thinking…

The background is that it was essentially Suthep who was the main person in the room in negotiating with Newin and the military about the formation of the government and who got what ministries back in December 2008, so most of the criticism about all the backroom deals and the mechanics of the sausage factory have been directed at Suthep. Abhisit was still seen as innocent and pure so anything seen as a dodgy was blamed on Suthep.

You have talk of Suthep joining Newin in May 2009. Rumours in August 2009 of Abhisit and Suthep split with Suthep to join up with Thaksin (of course, not true) and Sondhi L of the PAD criticizing Suthep saying Suthep knew who was behind the attempt on his life and was doing nothing and colluding with Thaksin although as noted at the end of that post:

Suthep’s family has donated* 12,000,000 Baht to the Democrats this year (a quarter of all donations and easily the largest). Obviously, this is not a definitive sign that he is going to abandon the party, but he runs things behind the scenes. He engineered Abhisit’s rise as party leader and then as PM in conjunction with Newin and the military.

BP: So now things have flipped. Suthep is the hero – after he resigned as MP, promotes a version of the PAD’s “New Politics”, and leading the seizure of government offices – and Abhsit is “slow” to see the light…. So things have completely switched over the last 4 years….