Lamar MBA Program is busy in November
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Lamar MBA Program is busy in November


It is November again! And this means it’s a busy time here in our MBA office and for MBA students alike.

Students are continuing to work hard to chase their best grades with the end of semester in sight and the scent of Christmas creeping up. They are also busy contemplating their next step on their MBA journey.  What will their concentration be? Which classes will they take next semester? Or how many?

Here to help them with these decisions is the MBA Director, Mr. Dyson. He personally advises each student for their next semester.  In advising, Mr. Dyson works alongside students to build their next semester’s class schedule and their overall degree plan to complete their MBA.

Mr. Dyson enjoys this as he is able to get to know each student and help guide them through their MBA experience. “Our program has a great deal of flexibility, which makes advising fun. I love talking to students about the courses that best suit their learning goals and career objectives.”

If you talk to each student in our program, they would probably all have a different story on how advising helped them but what’s always a common factor is that it is beneficial to their MBA success.  From my personal experience, I find the advising process very helpful. When I first started my MBA journey I was unsure which concentration I was going to pursue. The advising process helped me refine my focus and decide on a concentration which interested me most.

In the Lamar MBA program there are 8 core courses and 4 concentration specific courses.  For these 4 courses you get a choice of focusing on one of 8 concentrations (with an additional support concentration):

If you would like to find out more about what our program offers you, check out our website!