Get to know the Lamar MBA Team
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Get to know the Lamar MBA Team


This is the first blog from the Lamar University MBA team! We are excited to keep you up to date with what is going on here in Southeast Texas and help you learn more about the Lamar MBA experience.

I’m sitting here wondering what should we tell you about first? Ourselves? The MBA program? Lamar University? or the city of Beaumont? ….What do you really want to know?

Firstly, I think what is important is for you to get to know us and in turn for us to get to know you.  :)

The Lamar MBA office team is comprised of myself and your chief blogger, Chantelle Brockett.  I am a graduate assistant from Australia. I came to America to first get my undergraduate degree and I am now over half way through my MBA course work.  I love to be active, travel and try new foods.

Our second member of our team and assistant blogger is Katherine Brockett. Yes we are related and we are actually twins (see photo below). She also came to America to study and has just started her MBA adventure. She loves being my twin haha joking. She loves to be adventurous, relax and socialize with friends and play sports.

Our third member of our team is Shannon Klutts. She is the MBA coordinator and will be the one to handle your application and any of your questions.  She is native of the Southeast Texas region and represents the essence of southern hospitality. She is a sports fanatic and loves to scrap book and spend time with her family.

Our fourth and final member of our team is, drum roll please…Mr. Jeff Dyson who will transform your life as he guides you through your MBA journey.   Mr. Dyson is the MBA director, a successful business owner and prominent member of the Southeast Texas community.  He loves to talk business but that’s not all he is about; he also enjoys hunting and hanging out at the nearby beach in Galveston Texas.

So now you know more about us! :) And we will be letting you know more about the daily life here at Lamar University and in the MBA program.  Feel free to ask us any questions or let us know about yourself.

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