Business and Computing Work Placements
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Business and Computing Work Placements

Many of the undergraduate courses on offer at the University of Derby include the option of a work placement year. This is when you take a year out of your studies in order to work in a real world environment to apply and expand your knowledge of your course and get a feel for what it’s like to work in that industry. This must be in built into your course as part of a sandwich year.

The University of Derby has established links with many companies (see below) in order to allow you to work in a range of exciting places all relevant to your course. Here are some examples:

All business and computing courses offer practical help to secure your placement, including writing you CV as well as interview and job searching techniques. Your placement officer will help and advise you off all stages of your placement process.

During you placement you will be allocated a personal tutor who will be there to ensure your placement is running smoothly and that you are getting plenty of opportunity to experience a range of tasks within the workplace- giving you invaluable experience.

Jordan Diston –

Marketing and Advertising – Work Placement Student (The University of Derby- Marketing Department):

‘Even though I have only be working in my placement role for a couple of months, I can already see the benefits. My attitude to work has already changed and I feel I am able to apply what I have learnt in my first and second year at university to a real working environment.

In the short period of time I have worked here I have tried a range of tasks such as:

·         event organising

·         liaising with clients

·         social media use

·         market research

·         international marketing

·         working on open days & other events

·         updating the website (using terminal 4 web browser software)

·         proof reading documents/ promotional material

·         recruiting bars, restaurants and more to go into partnership with us on our open days/ graduation.

It is something I would definitely recommend any students to try and do as it will make you more employable in the future’

For more information contact Libby Beck, our employment officer: