Architecture Students Create Unique Museum Displays for Archaeological Finds
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Architecture Students Create Unique Museum Displays for Archaeological Finds

OB1 LIVE, first year students in the School of Architecture who undertake real life design projects, have collaborated with the Pitt Rivers Museum and the East Oxford Archaeology and History Project (Archeox) to explore the connection between Architecture and Archaeology and the rigid preconceptions of museum display cases.

Traditionally, valuable archaeological objects are displayed in plain glass cases or hidden drawers that can only be accessed by professionals in white gloves. OB1 LIVE is an innovative programme founded by Jane Anderson, Programme Lead for Undergraduate Architecture at Oxford Brookes, and architect Colin Priest that commissions and creates community based design projects for first year undergraduate Architecture students. Together with Archeox, an Oxford based project which encourages volunteers to get involved with local archaeology, first year Architecture students have been able to view, handle and record the finds from the Archeox Bartlemas Chapel and Minchery Priory digs. OB1 LIVE took this opportunity to design and make innovative prototype display devices, and on 19 October the artefacts were exhibited at the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, in cases made by Oxford Brookes own Architecture students.

The finds reveal important evidence of a leper hospital at Bartelmas Chapel and include prehistoric and medieval finds at Minchery Farm. For one day only, these finds were displayed in an exhibition titled ‘FOUND! A Display of Archaeological Finds from East Oxford’, and first year students were able to talk to the public about their interesting display case designs that were made for the collection. OB1 LIVE gives first year students the opportunity for real collaborations and each project enables new architects to participate in a unique, valuable and site-specific experience.

An archive of OB1LIVE work can be found at the OB1 Live Website.

More information about studying Architecture at Oxford Brookes University can be found at the School of Architecture Website.