Researcher receives PetroCanada Young Innovators Award
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Researcher receives PetroCanada Young Innovators Award

Jennifer Chen, a professor in the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, studies nanomaterials for sensing and solar applications. Solar is poised to be an abundant clean-energy alternative that can be harvested to generate electricity and produce chemical fuels such as hydrogen. Currently, the adoption of solar processes for large-scale applications is hampered by low efficiency and high cost per energy density produced.

Chen will explore novel, innovative and cost-effective strategies for light management to boost the efficiency of solar processes by employing nanomaterials and structures that can slow light or localize electromagnetic fields. The Petro-Canada funding will support both fundamental and applied science aspects of her research program.

Chen is one of two York researchers who recently received Petro-Canada Young Innovator Awards. The awards program is a commitment by Petro-Canada and York University to encourage excellence in teaching and research that will enrich the learning environment and contribute to society.

“Professors Jennifer Chen and Sean Kheraj are among the faces of the future of research at York. As early career researchers, they are being recognized for the excellence and promise of their research programs,” said Robert Haché, York’s vice-president research & innovation. “The funding provided by Petro-Canada and York University will support these outstanding researchers in the building of their programs. The awards are most well-deserved.”