Swedish Guest Chef Hosts Culinary Demonstration
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Swedish Guest Chef Hosts Culinary Demonstration

Le Cordon Bleu News, 07/11/2013

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Swedish Guest Chef Hosts Culinary Demonstration
Le Cordon Bleu London welcomed Chef KC Wallberg to our London Centre of Excellence on Wednesday 10th July for a demonstration of Swedish cuisine.
Students observed the preparation of poached saddle of salmon in fennel, carrot and dill alongside Gubbhyllan’s clay-potted herring. Chef Wallberg also explored the process of gravning (curing with salt and sugar) for fish and meat as well as preparation methods using ättika, a Swedish distilled vinegar. Following the demonstration, students were invited to taste the items created.
Chef Wallberg first experienced fine cuisine at the age of 12, spending time in the kitchen of the Stockholm restaurant where his uncle worked as a chef. By the age of 15 and while still in cookery school, he secured his first restaurant job. From here, Chef Wallberg has excelled to become an ambassador for Swedish food worldwide. Between lecturing at a leading Swedish university and presenting at Gourmand World Cookbook Award fairs, Chef Wallberg runs Restauration Gubbhyllan. At Gubbhyllan, Chef Wallberg and his team strive to present traditional Swedish cuisine to the highest standard through a careful balance of taste and nutrition.

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Swedish Guest Chef Hosts Culinary Demonstration