The University of Arizona
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The University of Arizona

Rising out of the desert in the 19th century, the University of Arizona has gone on to become a leading research institute in the American Southwest. This is a prime candidate for students of science with international ambitions, and it offers comprehensive coursework in the sciences at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The National Science Foundation has taken special notice of UA. According to this government agency, which funds research and education in science and engineering fields, UA ranks in the top 20 of US public universities. This attracts world-renown faculty and creates fantastic opportunities for students to make discoveries and launch competitive careers.

Research conducted at UA is particularly important to university’s science programs. Each year, the university receives more than US$600 million in funding, accounting for two-thirds of all research dollars in the Arizona state university system. Figures like this are important, as they indicate that the university’s science programs are highly relevant to 21st-century endeavors.

Consider funding derived from NASA. No other university receives more grants for space exploration than UA. And in 2006, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter carried a special camera designed by researchers at UA. Furthermore, the Phoenix Scout Mission, which is currently exploring the Martian Arctic, is the first NASA mission to be completely controlled by a university. This is monumental science, and students at the University of Arizona are taking lead roles.

Degrees in science are offered in several departments across the following colleges at the University of Arizona:

College of Science
The College of Science brings award-winning programs and a range of disciplines together under one institute. The faculty includes two Nobel Laureates and many other distinguished academics.

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
More than 20 units are available through this college, the set of which tackle some of the most poignant social issues of our age – poverty, global warming, divorce, prejudice, violence and unsafe sexual practices.


Pic: University of Arizona campus.

College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
This college prepares students for careers in natural resources, agriculture and family and consumer sciences. Specific areas of focus include the environment and natural resources; youth, family and community; nutrition, health and food safety; trade, economics and consumer sciences; and plant and animal systems.

College of Optical Sciences
The College of Optical Sciences performs internationally recognized research in optical engineering, applied optics and photonics, image science and quantum optics. More than 100 courses are offered, one-quarter of which are available through distance learning.


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