Pace University, English Language Institute
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Pace University, English Language Institute

The Pace University English Language Institute (ELI) provides international students, visitors and immigrants to the US the opportunity to improve their English-language skills. Each program takes a unique angle of approach, with coursework designed for up-and-coming undergraduate students, on-the-job professionals and postgraduate students at upper levels of specialization.

The Pace ELI has been in operation for more than 20 years. Its programs have been carefully honed over the years and are highly relevant to 21st-century classrooms and workplaces in the US. ELI students enjoy the complete Pace University student experience, including access to the university’s computer labs, libraries, sports centers, medical services and cafeterias.

Pace University is a US leader in higher learning. It was recently named by Forbes as one of the top-20 universities ‘that will make you rich’. It’s also a leader in internship placement (U.S. News & World Report), safety (The Daily Beast) drama programs (The Hollywood Reporter).

The following specialized English-language programs are offered by Pace ELI:

Pre-Undergraduate Program
This program is specifically designed for international students who are set to apply for an undergraduate program at a university in the US. It offers content-based curriculum that emphasizes the language and study skills required to thrive at an American university.

Throughout this course, students increase fluency by studying academic reading materials and watching videotaped lectures. They learn more than strict reading, listening and speaking skills, with coursework covering proper methods for taking notes, conducting research, taking tests and conducting oral presentations.


Pic: Students at Pace ELI.

Pre-Graduate Program
Master’s-level students are faced with complex and decidedly different challenges than their undergraduate counterparts. This program responds with curriculum that centers on conducting research, making use of American library systems and completing and presenting graduate-level projects. Critical thinking and problem solving are also strong components of the Pre-Graduate Program.

Pre-Law Program
In some cases, students require more than English-language proficiency to complete their coursework. This ‘English for Lawyers’ program provides strategies for reading and understanding legal texts, delivering oral briefs and discussing legal cases. The sheer vocabulary required to complete a degree in law is reason enough to enroll in this course before launching into a degree program.


Pic: Pace ELI.

English for Professionals Program
Opposite the other student-centered programs at Pace ELI, this one trains professionals with a non-native English speaking background. This is accomplished through highly interactive curriculum that focuses on improving job-related skills that can lead to success in the American business culture. Students develop clarify and accuracy of speech as well as the ability to communicate ideas, compose clear and effective business correspondence and craft effective presentations.

Connect with the Pace ELI and learn more about its programs via Facebook and Twitter or the Pace University YouTube channel.