Liberty University, English Language Institute
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Liberty University, English Language Institute

Liberty University is the world’s largest Evangelical Christian university, and it offers advanced English-language preparatory courses for university-bound students. It was founded in 1971 in the US state of Virginia, and its academic programs are built upon a firm commitment to moral character and values.

Nearly 1,000 international students attend Liberty University, representing more than 90 countries.  The university’s English Language Institute offers a range of programs that help international students prepare for, and ultimately thrive in, an American university setting.

There is no minimum TOEFL score requirement for admission to the ELI. In fact, students spend time preparing for future TOEFL testing while enrolled at the institute. The institute delivers a broad range of coursework to ensure students acquire more than basic academic skills. Of course, foundational skills such as listening and speaking, reading and writing and pronunciation are covered. But the ELI goes beyond this to encourage the mastery of idioms, presentation skills, vocabulary and grammar. The program even includes a film seminar with a focus on language acquisition.

The ELI classrooms make the most of smart technology, and small class size ensures plenty of one-on-one attention from instructors. The ELI reinforces this by pairing students with an English-speaking conversation partner who supplements in-class studies with two to three hours of practice each week. Furthermore, labs are equipped with language-learning software that offers immediate feedback, so that students can accelerate their progress on their own time, as well.


The program is rigorous and results-oriented. Classes meet five days per week from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The weekly schedule is comprised of more than 20 hours of structured class time, complemented by five to ten hours of independent work. This leaves plenty of room for hard-working, ambitious students to excel and set themselves apart from the crowd. The ELI even operates a bridge program that allows students to begin undergraduate coursework and complete between three and nine undergraduate credit hours before they’ve even enrolled at university.

And international students do more than eat, sleep and study English while enrolled at the ELI. Cultural programs and overnight trips to other east-coast cities are also part of the lineup. Students visit historical sites around Virginia and travel to New York City, Virginia Beach and Orlando, Florida as part of the program.


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